The formation of ADDP Architects ( Singapore ) was incorporated in 1986 by seven registered architects brought together their extensive experiences, expertise and resources in the field of Architecture. It is one of the advance and creative organization in Singapore , which comprises over 100 professional staffs and was certify ISO 9001 in 1997.

As a prestige organization, our emphasis is to give good advance training to our professional and working hand-in-hand with other professional in the field to achieve quality product.

Though our main business is in Singapore , we have expanded our area to include China , Malaysia , India , Vietnam and Indonesia to provide our professional services in our field.

In 2003, ADDP Architects ( Shanghai ) was incorporated to service the China market and with the increase opportunity we have. We have set-up a representative office in Shenzhen in 2004.

Since our arrival in early 1993 into the China market, we have won numerous competitions and in association with the local design institute, we have successfully completed numerous projects. We believe with the vast experience we have, we could service different group of clients.

Working together with the client, local professional and design institute to achieve higher level of co-operation is our investment and to build quality environment for the enjoyment of the community is our goal.


Our Philosophy:

We emphasize progress through vibrant growth in its perpetual quest for innovation and quality solutions that optimize the potential of each and every one of our projects, which must also be sensitive to client's operational and budgetary needs. Thus, we are totally committed to providing comprehensive professional services through holistic approach to the practice.


In the building industry, cultural progression and development plays an important role. Our product must achieve to compromises to the people at large and lasting effect for the environment with the progressive technology. Application of technology to enhance a development is an investment ADDP Architects is working on to upkeep the standard and quality of our services.

Our Motto:

•  To satisfy client's need

•  To work as a team in harmony

•  To improve on successful result obtained during our course of development, such as, usage, creativity, cost and environment.

Scope of services:

•  Architectural design

•  Master planning

•  Interior design

•  Landscape design

•  Project management

Our client's ranges from government organization, Multi-national Corporation, private organization and returned clientele that are satisfy with our services.

Pro-active communication and direct reply approach enhances transfer of understanding to compromise situational problems to achieve common goal. Motto: Teamwork co-operation and commitment to achieve client's need with satisfaction.


We believe, design must take into consideration the environment and the human needs. Our design team comprises of all aspect of professional in the field to provide input to the assigned design to achieve the ultimate solution and result.

The involvement of clients in the early stage allows us to understand their needs and thus allows them to be part of the team to review the progress and the fruits of their labor.

Our success depends greatly on the commitment of all parties involved to create a good environment, to have creative ideas, and good life-style for the progression of future development.